QiYi Mastermorphix

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روبیک کای وای مستر مورفیکس استیکرلس | QiYi Mastermorphix

Product Name: QiYi Mastermorphix Pyramid Speed Magic Cube

  • The cube is manufactured by qiyi company
  • Brand New Appearance - Upgraded Tactile Quality.----Using a brand new 77.5 mm larger size and brand new curved surface design, this puzzle offers better grip and unmatched color radiance.
  • Simplified Mechanism - Clear Functionality. The enlarged rounded corners ensure a wholesome appearance and increases corner cutting by a wide margin. Simultaneously 36mm inner rounded corners improves pop resistance, reduces corner twisting, equalize turning resistance and balance hand-feel functionality.
  • The surface is frosted which gives the cube few distinct advantages. One it increases the life of the cube and second, it reduces reflection from the cube which makes it ideal to solve even in dim conditions.


قیمت: 1,200,000 ریال
طراحی و اجرا: فروشگاه ساز سبدخرید